How is your telesales team performing ?

Working in a telesales can be a tough job and maintaining motivation is a common challenge. The 'he's in a meeting', the answer phone and frequent rejection are just a normal day in the office. Performance suffers and high staff turnover often results, wasting valuable time and resources. We provide a proven, guaranteed sales psychology solution to this problem.  Contact us now if you want to find out how to boost motivation, increase performance and reduce staff turnover.

Kate, featured in the video shown above, is one of the characters in the award winning Sales-Motivations program. She has recently started in working in telesales and despite being an outgoing, happy and likeable character she is really struggling. In fact she is heading for being sacked or leaving unless something changes soon.

Even the best agents benefit from some help to keep them in the right frame of mind to keep hitting the phones and having positive conversations.

The award winning Sales-Motivations program delivers;
- Highly effective development using proven, leading edge psychological techniques
- High value with users seeing sales performance increase by 20%
- Money back guarantee that you'll see a measurable improvement.
- Easy, rapid and scalable implementation, regardless of agent location.

To find out more about how this program helps call centre agents be more successful, try the free Introduction now.


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