Sales-Motivations Customer Testimonials

We have hundreds of happy users, large and small, across many industries and many different sales roles.

Industries include Banking, Pharmaceutical, Animal Medicine, Software, Publishing, Contract Sales, Industrial equipment, Industrial Services, Recruitment, Document Management, IT and Learning and Development.

Here are some testimonials and comments from a just a few of them;

“I already had a great team, very experienced and very successful. I was looking for something fresh that could help them develop even further, something very engaging, with new concepts and at the same time very practical so they could put it into action immediately".

Tim, Sales Director from a leading global document management company, whose sales team have just had their best year ever.

''I particularly liked the structure of the course, the logical steps and straightforward content and procedure."

"It was a great exercise and I’d be keen for other team members to take part."

"Considering that she is a top performer, to see an improvement in this area is one which I had not reckoned to see her develop but am very pleased that it has."

"Her level of being able to cope with Pressure has definitely improved as she faces a lot of difficult challenges and has not buckled under the pressure that could easily have been the case".

"He would often get into a negative mind set and not cope well with pressure. This has changed and he is much more positive and optimistic and cope’s much better".

"Overall I’m very happy with content and style of course''.

Sales Managers, from a leading Pharmaceutical company - read the case study

"The programme was very beneficial and insightful, I learnt a lot. The programme has boosted my motivation and resilience."

CM, Business Development Manager, Global Retail Bank

"Sales-Motivations has motivated and inspired me as well as given me the training and knowledge needed to drive myself and our company into the future. Thanks again for a great course. "

LB, Sales Manager, Industrial Lighting Company

"This is an engaging resource which offers sales staff an opportunity to explore the issues behind the skills they rely on every day. For a pressurised, target driven sales executive the advice on offer is relevant and effective".

Lindsay Macadam, Employability Advisor, Portsmouth University Business School

"Sales Motivations is a unique and cost effective training intervention that improves the motivation and resilience of sales people, based on research and  proved in studies. This innovative training programme is engaging, memorable and user friendly. We believe that it will benefit all sales teams."

Tony Jones, Director

"I've been involved in pharmaceutical and health-care direct sales, sales management and learning and development leadership roles for over 25 years, responsible for the development of tens of thousands of people. With Sales-Motivations, at last I've found a solution that helps the sales representative and sales teams stay engaged and productive, by building personal and organisational motivation and resilience, which is the key to high performance"

Colin Hurst, Director

"An excellent insight into a different way of motivating"

Richard D'Silva, Sales and Marketing Director, SHE Software

"A very interesting and professional presentation with a very unique and different approach."

Kevin McKeown, Account Executive, SHE Software

"Sales motivations' e-learning is exceptionally well constructed and contains something for every person's learning style. The fact that there is underpinning research, which validates the effect of the techniques on sales performance, provides a powerful rationale for giving this training your time."

Elizabeth Philp, Director, Roseway Ventures

"I see huge potential with Sales-Motivations as it is a perfect blend of leading edge psychology in a practical, accessible format. I think Sales- Motivations is a fantastic solution for busy sales people to be able to build their motivation and resilience and increase their success."

Tiffany Bowles, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

"Bryan is a Sales Director who truly understands the psychology behind what happens when people engage in the Sales process. His understanding of sales motivation is institutional and his programme to assist organisations where sales staff motivation is important is a must for anyone who takes their salesforce seriously."

Shaz Quereshi, Managing Director

"As a direct result of using the program I have made more sales calls, opened up more opportunities and basically feel more confident in my sales approach."

Paul Lamb

"By adding Sales Motivations to our portfolio we are now able to close the loop on the thorny problem of enhancing and maintaining the motivation of salespeople over the long term."

Jeffrey Bean

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