Proof that Sales-Motivations boosts performance.

Trials of the program material have been carried out in two major multi-national corporations, one of which involved a sales force of over 1000 people. Results achieved include;

  •  20% growth in the number of salespeople 'on target'
  •  30% growth in sales activity (face to face meetings)
  •  66% reduction in staff turnover
  •  27% improvement in ability to cope well with pressure

Imagine what this would do for your revenue, costs and profitability !

for results from a large study with a Financial Services sales force.

for a case study of award winning work with Merial, a world leading pharmaceutical company.

Because we know how well Sales-Motivations works, we are very happy to offer a money back guarantee  and nobody has asked for their money back. Sales Motivations costs much less than face to face coaching, is more effective than traditional classroom training and need not involve time out of the office, travelling or hotel costs ! Get in contact now to learn more about the program and the return on investment that you can expect.

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