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Announcing a new Bite-Sized version of the award winning Sales Motivations program.

We are very excited and delighted to announce the launch of the new Bite-Sized version of our award winning Sales Motivations program, which boosts mindset, motivation, resilience and confidence, boosting sales performance by 20%.

The original ‘Classic’ 90 day program was based on six modules of 30-40 minutes each and features our fictional video characters Ben, Kate and John as they face up to and overcome their own personal sales challenges.

In the new Bite-Sized version we’ve taken the core concepts and condensed them down into just three modules of ten minutes each, delivered in our action packed our 30 day blended learning program. We’ve also added gamification, animated sales scenarios and a whole new look and feel, as well as full Apple iPad and Mac support. It’s designed for busy sales people who are hungry to maximise their performance in the minimum possible time and is already getting a fantastic reception.

One of the first users told us ‘I absolutely love this course….I think one of our biggest challenges in sales is ourselves.  Having a session on helping us reset our way of thinking can only lead to positive outcomes for our business and team.

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