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Sales Motivations CLASSIC e-learning program to boost sales performance – (HTML5 & Flash)

Sales Motivations CLASSIC e-learning program to boost sales performance

Sales Motivations is an award winning program that builds motivation, resilience and ability to deal with pressure, to develop the ‘superstar mindset’. As a result, productive activity levels grow and higher sales performance is achieved. It is based on proven sports psychology tools and techniques, applied to sales performance development.

It consists of 6 interactive modules, of 30-45 minutes each, with quizzes, reviews & 6 videos per module, featuring John, Kate and Ben as they face up to and learn how to their own sales challenges. This program helps you to build the sales superstar mindset with new skills and new habits.

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CLASSIC 6 modules
Thoughts Feelings In Circle Chart
Interactive content
Bryan McCrae Module demo player
Summary Quiz
Meet Kate, Ben & John
Video characters

What will you learn?

By the end of this program you should be able:

  • Be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in response to challenging sales situations.
  • Be able to challenge and modify your personal thoughts and behaviour to improve sales results.
  • Understand and leverage your own personal motivating factors to boost motivation.
  • Understand how to interpret personal sales successes and setbacks in the most positive way possible.
  • Apply a range of techniques to be able to cope better with pressure and avoid stress when selling.
  • Apply the knowledge gained to develop more productive and useful relationships with clients.
  • Apply the knowledge gained to help overcome objections to sales proposals.