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Boosting performance for Entrepreneurs and Owner/Managers

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Most entrepreneurs start off with a great idea for a product or service and are experts in their chosen field. For many, having to sell doesn’t come naturally and the frequent rejection or lack of business opportunities chips away at their motivation and confidence.

Often the owner of a business is the main salesperson and there may not be much help around when things don’t go to plan and sales revenue is less than needed. Being the leader at the top of the organisation, there may be a lack of trusted colleague’s to turn to share concerns. Yet they still need to attend to the other one hundred and one tasks involved in running a business.

Even the most successful Entrepreneurs and Owner/Managers benefit from some practical, proven help to keep them in the right frame of mind to keep the company moving forwards.

With dedicated content for Entrepreneurs and Owner/Managers we help them to learn how to stay positive, motivated, resilient and confident even when things don’t go to plan. The award winning Sales Motivations program provides practical proven techniques as used by sales psychologists with superstar sports people and athletes. This approach works equally well for Entrepreneurs and Owner/Managers as well as people who have sales as their full time role.

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