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What could José Mourinho tell us about sales performance? Sales Motivations

What could José Mourinho tell us about sales performance?

Well, he probably wouldn’t have much to say about the knowledge and skills needed to do the sales job. But he would have lots to say about attitude, mind-set and mental toughness. He knows that these are the crucial factors that distinguish the good from the great, the winners from the losers. He re-defined the role of a football coach by combining coaching theory with psychological and motivational techniques.

There are lots of similarities between sports and selling. Whether it is the FA cup final, cold-calling or giving a final pitch to win a deal of a lifetime, your mind-set could well be the difference between winning and losing.

Both involve lots of preparation, rehearsal, hard work and training to be able to operate at the highest levels. Both involve dealing with challenges, set-backs and failures along the way and it is how you deal with these that proves to be so crucial to success.

If you take a look at the careers of great athletes and sports people, you often find that they had reached a plateau which was proving difficult to advance from until they were coached to work on their attitude and mind-set. For example Michael Johnson, American sprinter with four Olympic gold medals and eight World Championships gold medals said;

Before the race, if I’m starting to spiral down some negative thought, I’ve trained my mind to recognise that immediately and be able to make the adjustment to stop thinking about that. 

Bill Shankly, Manager of Liverpool FC for fifteen years agreed when he said;

“A lot of football success is in the mind. You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are.”

Smart businesses are starting to understand that optimising attitude and mind-set is key to sustained sales success and are winning a competitive edge as a result. Mark Hurd, co-CEO Oracle, ex-Chairman HP, CEO NCR and Head of Teradata recently said;

“Business is like sports. What differentiates great from good is the ability to deal with loosing, with set-backs and with continual challenges, to be able to keep going, and this applies to great business people too.”

With attitude and mind-set so crucial to winning performance, do you feel that they are receiving enough attention currently in your sales training? If you want to avoid getting left behind, perhaps now is the time to take action. As José says;

What could José Mourinho tell us about sales performance? Sales Motivations

For the past five years we’ve been using the very same tools, techniques and methods to help our clients overcome their sales challenges faster, boost sales force effectiveness and maximise their sales performance, with great results.

By using these tools and techniques, users have reported that sales activity rates have been boosted by 30%, sales results by 20% as well as staff turnover reduced by 66%.

If you are interested in avoiding being left behind and exploring how we could help, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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What could José Mourinho tell us about sales performance? Sales Motivations