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Keynote Speaking at Sales Performance Association event – 11th December 2017, Coventry, UK


Keynote Speaking at Sales Performance Association event – 11th December 2017

Cognitive Behavioural Psychology is a proven therapeutic and performance enhancement technique and it focuses on the relationships between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It helps people to analyse what they are thinking and feeling when in challenging or stressful situations, then to experiment with different thoughts and behaviours to bring about more helpful outcomes.

Bryan is the founder of Sales Motivations and he and his team have developed award winning tools and techniques that enable sales people to actively manage their emotions when they face set-backs. This helps them to develop a more resilient mind-set, stay confident and enable us to perform at their best. These techniques have been used to great effect in sports for several years and the very same tools and techniques have been developed and proven to work in sales, where they have achieved a measurable 20% improvement in sales performance.

This session will introduce you to some of the science, some of the tools and give you a chance to try them out and leave equipped with some new ideas to boost sales performance.

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