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Sales Management & Leadership

Great Sales Leadership Diagram

A sales manager or sales leader can make or break a sales team and very often a high sales performer is promoted into a management role despite not having the skills and capabilities required to perform in the new role, with a disastrous impact on morale, staff turnover and the bottom line.

The RK360 Sales High Performance Management & Leadership Framework is used to quickly assess and develop current and future sales managers and leaders. It is used to measure and develop the 12 crucial behaviours that great leaders display and has been researched and developed for over 20 years making it one of the most validated and effective leadership tools available.

These behaviours span thinking, inspiring, involving and achieving capabilities and each is broken down into several sub-areas. Negative use of the behaviour scores at level one, to an inspirational use of the behaviour which scores at level five, at which stage an individual is embedding a high performance culture.

It does not assume that all great leaders must be strong in all areas; rather it recognises that each high performing leader will have four of five key areas of excellence and will also not have any serious negative behaviours.

The tool can be deployed as a questionnaire or survey which measures observed behaviours and this is often customised to reflect corporate language and other requirements. This is usually then followed with a comprehensive de-brief, and possibly coaching and other development activities if desired.

As a result, sales managers and leaders will have a clear and objective picture of what they need to start, stop, continue and do more of to become a great manager or leader.

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