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Consultant Sales Director | Sales Trainer | Speaker | Accredited Master Coach

As a Consultant Sales Director, Sales Trainer, Speaker and Accredited Master Coach, Glen Williamson, trains, coaches and leads hundreds of business owners and  sales professionals to reach new heights of sales performance.

Taking his 32 plus years of experience in sales and business development, Glen develops courses, methodologies and strategies that help Business owners and sales professionals of all levels to sell more effortlessly and elegantly to exceed their targets.

Glen is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, has co-authored the Amazon #1 bestseller Sales Genius #1 and is a Chair of Judges at the UK Business Awards

Based on my experience of training sales professionals across the globe, I am convinced that you can teach all the skills and as much knowledge that is available, but you will not get consistent sales performance until the sales person has mastered their mindset and is able to bring an awareness to the way they think and the thoughts that prevent them from succeeding.

I partnered with Sales Motivations because alongside my Master The Sales Conversation Masterclass, their technology, which is based on the latest thinking in Sports Performance Coaching, will complete my course curriculum so that I can be completely confident in creating unstoppable, highly skilled sales superstars who can deliver consistent results at acceptable margins, whilst enjoying and growing through selling.

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