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Stronger Selling with Strengthscope

Strengthscope®, is the world’s most extensive system that measures work relates strengths – characteristics that energise people, helping them to perform at their best, with clients including many global brands across multiple industries, such as Novartis, Facebook, Legal & General, Oracle and BOC.

The profile reports provide information on:

1. Your significant strengths
2. Your critical performance risks
3. How your strengths are perceived

Behavioural Chart

There are a range of profiles available;

Strengthscope® standard– feedback report on 24 work-based strengths, performance risk areas and how these relate to your performance.

Strengthscope360™ – as above but also includes feedback from up to 18 colleagues at work.

StrengthscopeTeam™– profiles the strengths, risks and performance-related behaviours of a team.

StrengthscopeLeader™– strengths, performance risks and effective leadership behaviours, together with ‘follower confidence index’, including feedback from up to 18 colleagues at work.

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Why use a strengths-based approach?