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Boosting performance for Professional B2B sales people

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When a professional salesperson is winning lots of business and deals then they feel on top of the world. But in sales, often things don’t go quite to plan, customers re-organise, contacts leave, new competitors emerge, products become dated, deals slip and deals are lost. Family and personal issues happen and can also affect performance at work.

Even the toughest, most robust salesperson is affected when things don’t go to plan and performance can and often does suffer. But targets still need to be hit, customers still need to be acquired and retained and bills still need to be paid.

With dedicated content for professional B2B salespeople of all personalities, experience levels and industries, we help them to learn how to stay positive, motivated, resilient and confident even when things don’t go to plan. The award winning Sales Motivations program provides practical proven techniques as used by sales psychologists with superstar sports people and athletes. This approach works equally well with top performers as well as the rest of the team.

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