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Boosting sales results in the Financial Services Industry

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The first ever implementation of the program material was in the Financial Services industry carried out by Dr Judy Proudfoot and others as a scientific controlled study. The study was subsequently published in a peer reviewed academic journal. Legal and General Assurance Co. kindly sponsored the program, but it was not conducted within their organisation.

The Challenge

A major British insurance company, which had recently been acquired by a competitive, results oriented organisation had imposed large-scale changes and substantial numbers of employees were quitting. Sales agents from four Divisions in South-East England were invited to attend the program, particularly those deemed by their managers or themselves to be experiencing stress in their jobs.

The Solution

One hundred and sixty-six employees took part in the study and they were randomly assigned to the ‘initial’ training group or a control group for comparison purposes. The program was implemented as a series of short weekly workshops, over seven weeks.

Before the program, seventy one percent reported not reaching their sales or earnings targets and experiencing work-related stress. Job satisfaction,  psychological strain and professional self-esteem were also measured before and after the program.

The results

The main results achieved were;

  •  20% growth in the number of salespeople ‘on target’
  •  66% reduction in staff turnover
  •  27% improvement in ability to cope well with pressure

There were also significant improvements in professional self-esteem, job satisfaction and intention to quit. All results were calculated in comparison to the control group who had not participated in the program.