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Ricoh Customer Story – I.T. and Document Management

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Ricoh is a global multi-billion dollar global company provider of technology that transforms business processes and document and information management, helping businesses to be more productive and profitable.

One of the core lines of business is Production Print, supplying high volume high quality solutions to in house corporate print departments as well as commercial print companies.

In the UK the high performing Production Print sales team is very experienced and had experienced a wide variety of ‘conventional’ sales training over the years. But National Sales Director Tim Carter wanted to provide fresh and ongoing development for the team and suspected that they could achieve even more with some new ideas, tools and techniques.

Achieving more

Tim consulted with Josh Grundy, Ricoh UK’s Senior Sales Learning Specialist to explore options. Josh had just completed a successful sales transformation project for another part of the sales organisation and had included Sales Psychologist Bryan McCrae as the keynote speaker in the final phase of the project, to give a talk on how to manage your own mindset and attitude in challenging sales situations, which had been very well received.

Mindset makes the difference

As a result Josh and Tim decided to use the Sales-Motivations program with the team and put the ideas into action. The program ran throughout the autumn of 2015 and levels of motivation, resilience, confidence and ability to cope with pressure were measured before and after the program, together with actual sales results. The sales metrics measured throughout the program were sales activity, opportunities and revenue.
Over the course of the financial year Tim Carter, National Sales Director, saw fantastic results on all of these areas and the Sales Motivations program has influenced those figures.

Mindsets Diagram
This has been the best year ever in terms of sales results for his team.

Final thoughts

Josh Grundy

“The problem with conventional sales training is it takes the sales teams out of the field for too much time, travel costs make it expensive, and the time taken to see a return on investment is considerably longer than learning that can take place on the job. What makes Sales-Motivations different is it gives us that true blended approach, and most importantly it shifts the responsibility of learning onto the learner and manager. Effective coaching becomes essential for success.”

Tim Carter

“I was looking for something fresh that could help the team develop even further, something very engaging, with new concepts and at the same time very practical so they could put it into action immediately.
Sales-Motivations fitted the bill because it was correctly tailored to the skill levels of my team, and the blended approach allowed them to learn whilst still being effective in the field.”

Immediate payback

Equipped with a new range of tools and techniques, the team is already having more success as a direct result of the program and feedback has included;

Improvements were also seen in all of the four psychological factors measured, using the Sales Motivation and Resilience Questionnaire (SMRQ), with a 3.8% improvement in motivation, an 11.2% improvement in resilience, a 10.5% improvement in coping with pressure and a 12.3% improvement in how well they felt they were performing.

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