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Sales Preference Questionnaire SPQ* Gold®

Sales skills and product training, while important, do not always guarantee good sales performance. Most salespeople already know how for example to initiate contact with prospective buyers, present to groups, ask for referrals, make telephone calls or close more business from existing customers – they are often just uncomfortable about doing so, even if they are otherwise well-motivated. As a result they often avoid stressfull or uncomfortable situations where they could generate new or additional business.

This is known as Sales Call Reluctance® and is extremely common even in experienced salespeople. The problem is far more complex and varied than the hackneyed ‘fear of failure’ explanation and 12 distinct types of unhelpful sales reluctance behaviours, all damaging to a salesperson’s ability not only to initiate new prospect contact but also to increase sales from current customers.

The SPQ*GOLD profiling tool specifically measures these vital behaviours in salespeople, providing a means of accurately quantifying what behavioural constraints are being placed on the business development activities of sales teams. It can be used both as an aide to selection and recruitment as well as input to a development process to boost sales performance.

There are three SPQ*Gold profile reports available;

Summary SPQ*Gold profile 3 page report, scores on 21 scales, the ‘SPQ Assist’ report and Interview Support Guide Critical Items

Summary SPQ*GOLD profile plus Additional Interpretation report

SPQ*GOLD Full development report with additional eight pages, detailed factor by factor breakdown of scores, Management Tips and Outlook for each of the Call Reluctance Types, Imposters and Filters categories.

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