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Blended-Learning for a superstar mindset that boosts sales performance

Sales Motivations is an award winning customisable program that builds motivation, resilience and ability to deal with pressure, to develop the ‘superstar mindset’. As a result activity levels grow, staff turnover drops and higher sales performance is achieved.

Proven results;
+30% activity | + 20% sales | -66% staff turnover
Based on proven sports psychology tools and techniques, applied to sales performance development
Bite sized learning, 6 modules, building superstar mindset & new skills and habits
Highly interactive with quizzes, reviews & 36 videos for 3 sales personas, full voice over, Workbook
Add-on options; Coaching Portal, Learning Reinforcement App, Assessment Tools, Implementation Guide
Award winning, proven, guaranteed results, 5 year track record

Sales Motivations Structure Diagram

Image Map

We also recommend that users take the SMRQ Assessment and attend the Introduction webinar or workshop, as well as the Consolidation webinar or workshop. Coaching support can also be provided or we can train your sales managers or sales coached to provide this support.

What will you learn

By the end of this program you should be able:

  • Be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in response to challenging sales situations.
  • Be able to challenge and modify your personal thoughts and behaviour to improve sales results.
  • Understand and leverage your own personal motivating factors to boost motivation.
  • Understand how to interpret personal sales successes and setbacks in the most positive way possible.
  • Apply a range of techniques to be able to cope better with pressure and avoid stress when selling.
  • Apply the knowledge gained to develop more productive and useful relationships with clients.
  • Apply the knowledge gained to help overcome objections to sales proposals.
  • Apply your new insights to further your sales success throughout your career.

Sales Management and coaches can also help learners embed what they have learned, supported by the mobile gamified QBoost learning retention app.

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