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Boost sales performance and mindset with the Classic program

In the Classic version of the award winning Sales Motivations program the core concepts are covered in detail in six modules. Each module is thirty to forty minutes, delivered in our action packed our ninety day blended learning program.

It features our fictional sales characters, Ben, Kate and John as they face up to and overcome their own personal sales challenges. Ben is a young Entrepreneur, Kate is new to Telesales and John is an experienced Account Manager, featured in thirty six short videos.

The program is highly interactive with lots of quizzes and review points. It now also offers full Apple iPad and Mac support. It’s designed for sales people who are prepared to invest time and effort to challenge any unhelpful thinking patterns and habits, to replace them with more useful ones. It also shows how to deal best with both sales success and failure and finishes with creating a personal action plan for success.

A recent client, Carol Schmidt, Division Director at Morgan Hunter said…..

Overall activity levels are higher and I can definitely say that we are doing more sales now. Doing the program has made us much more aware of our own mind-sets and psychology when making calls.

Our people are much calmer now and they stay more positive rather than reacting in a negative way when things don’t go to plan. We often refer back to the tools and techniques from the program to help us deal better with the pressure that comes with the job.

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