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Emotional Intelligence

We use the Lumina Emotion psychometric profile as a comprehensive measure of your emotions, feelings and behaviours, and how these relate to one another. It takes a ‘whole person’ view by bringing together personality, emotional intelligence and key emotional influences known as ‘Emotional Reactors’. Emotional Agility uncovers the relationship between our inner feelings and emotions and actual behaviours. This helps to develop greater emotional awareness and flexibility in how these are used in selling.
Emotional Intelligence
This approach extends the concept of emotional intelligence by measuring traits typically not associated with emotional intelligence but in a positively framed way. The aim is to embrace the idea that we can choose our response in any given situation This allows us to consciously manage aspects of our personality, dependent on the context, to grow sales by taking taking more control of challenging sitiuations.

How this approach different

  • We reject the traditional and somewhat polarised view that our ‘Personality’ is something which we cannot influence of change.
  • We then use the Sales Motivations blended learning program to help people manage and take more control of their own emotional states to help achive their sales objectives and also to use emotion to increase rapport, engagement,trust and success with clients.

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