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We guarantee that the Sales Motivations works, or you get your money back.

No one has ever asked for their money back.

Money Back 100% Guarantee Icon
We are completely confident to provide this guarantee because the award winning Sales Motivations program is based on proven sales psychology tools and techniques that are scientifically proven to be very effective.

All we ask is that you;

  • take the Sales Motivation and Resilience Questionnaire before you start.
  • complete all the Sales Motivations modules at least one week apart each.
  • complete all the tasks and assignments in your Blueprint for Success workbook.
  • take the Sales Motivation and Resilience Questionnaire for a second time within two weeks of completing the last program module.

Having done this, if your motivation, resilience, ability to cope with pressure, or sales performance has not increased two weeks after taking the last program module, simply return your Blueprint for Success to us within a further two weeks for a full refund of the program subscription.