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Boosting performance for Inside Sales and Telesales

Working in inside sales or telesales can be a tough job and maintaining motivation is a common challenge. It’s getting harder all the time to reach decision makers and the ‘he’s in a meeting’, the answer phone and frequent rejection are just a normal day in the office. There is constant pressure to maintain activity levels and new skills and approaches are needed to reach the target audience. Motivation drops and burnout frequently happens after a few months in the role. Family and personal issues happen and can also affect performance at work.

The phone doesn’t dial itself, performance suffers and high staff turnover often results, wasting valuable time, resources and opportunities.

Even the best inside sales people and telesales people benefit from some practical, proven help to keep them in the right frame of mind to keep hitting the phones to have positive conversations. But targets still need to be hit, customers still need to be acquired and retained and bills still need to be paid.

With dedicated content for Inside Sales and Telesales people, of all personalities, experience levels and industries, we help them learn how to stay positive, motivated, resilient and confident even when things don’t go to plan. The award winning Sales Motivations program provides practical proven techniques as used by sales psychologists with superstar sports people and athletes. This approach works equally well with top performers as well as the rest of the team.

Get in touch now to explore how we can help keep your Inside Sales and Telesales people stay at the top of their game.