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The Future of Sales Learning

Sales Performance Association, 25th September 2018, 11.00 to 16.30, London UK.

Jay Sriskanthan – Learning Partner – Telefonica O2
  • How to engage with Sales teams to take development seriously, Developing sales people, Delivering business outcomes that matters  
Paul Archer – Founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd 
  • ‘Using Technology to Deliver Sales Training’
Andy Lancaster – Head of Learning & Development CIPD 
  • The Future of Sales Learning – 10 key shifts that are required to deliver effective future-focused learning and development with important questions to consider as to how to achieve this necessary transformation.
Bryan McCrae  – Sales Psychologist, Sales Coach and the founder of Sales-Motivations
  • Why we need learning reinforcement and how Micro-learning Platform Qstream can help
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