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Sales Performance Association, 5th December 2016, Coventry UK

Everyone has ups and downs, it is an inevitable part of life, the human condition and of selling. This can be a real problem in sales, with the drip-feed of continued rejection and set-backs in sales campaigns often gradually eroding motivation and resilience levels. There may well be factors beyond our control that can impact on personal and team sales performance, but it is clear that different sales people respond very differently to the challenges of the role and sometimes individuals and teams can find themselves in a slump that can be difficult to climb out of.

However, it has now been discovered that how our brains operate is not fixed by the time we become an adult, as used to be thought, but that they remain ‘plastic’ throughout our lifetimes. Psychologists have developed tools and techniques that enable us to actively manage our emotions when we face set-backs, which help us to develop a more resilient mind-set and enable us to perform at our best. These techniques have been used to great effect in sports for several years and the very same tools and techniques have been developed and proven to work in sales too.

This session will introduce you to some of the neuroscience, some of the tools and give you a chance to try them out and leave equipped with some new ideas to boost sales performance.