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Sales Superstar Mindset

Attitude DiagramThe Crucial factor for Sales Success

Motivation, resilience and mindset underpin all sales person performance, yet it is rarely developed through training. Simply having the sales skills, relationship skills and product knowledge isn’t enough.

Research shows that within sales roles, motivation and resilience are very significant factors in long term success. Faced with the continual challenges, set-backs and rejections it is essential that people in sales roles are able to quickly bounce back and stay self-motivated.

While extrinsic motivational tools such as management feedback, rewards, benefits, recognition are undoubtedly valuable, helping sales people to learn to motivate themselves intrinsically has huge cost benefits through higher performance, decreased performance management, stress, absenteeism and staff turnover as well as increased engagement.

It is well established that one of the most effective ways of increasing self-motivation is to learn to actively manage one’s thoughts and feelings. In turn, developing these skills to increase emotional intelligence leads to more effective outcomes and helpful behaviours as well as increased engagement and motivation.

Sales Motivations uses the same evidence based cognitive behavioural techniques that sports psychologists do, delivered through a highly engaging interactive coaching model to deliver improved self-motivation resulting in increased motivation, reduced levels of stress, higher engagement, lower staff turnover and long-lasting improved sales results with a high return on investment. The Sales Motivations programs can be delivered as workshops or blended interval based e-learning, highly integrated into the users normal working activities.

The programs follows best practise instructional design and are structured to be highly experiential, by encouraging participants to apply tools and techniques to their normal working activities immediately.

Pre and post assessment program can be carried out using the Sales Motivation and Resilience Questionnaire which measures individual levels of motivation, resilience, ability to cope with pressure and self-reported sales performance.

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